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xfiwts's Journal

X-Men (and Marvel) Fanfics I Want to See
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X-Men Fanfic -- recommendations, rants and fond hopes

Over in Transformer Fanficland, I created a community a couple years back called Transformers Fanfic I Want To See, or tfiwts for short. The idea behind the community was for it to be a place for people to be able to do one or more of the following:

1. Talk about fic ideas that aren't being done that they'd like to see being done.
2. Talk about fic ideas that are being done that they'd like to see put on a bus or taken to a nice farm in the country.
3. Ask for recommendations for certain pairings, characters or scenarios.
4. Ask if anybody remembers that one fic? You know, the one that had that guy in it? And he did the stuff? With that thing?

tfiwts has turned out to be fairly popular and useful so I'd like to do something similar for X-Men fandom. Toward that end, I bring you X-Men Fanfic I Want To See or xfiwts -- where the "I" in question is whoever is posting their ideas, wants, desires, etc.

The idea behind this community is that people can post Wants -- things they'd like to see more of in X-Men fanfics. These can be anything from plots or concepts or characters. People can also post Do Not Wants -- things they are tired of seeing or that they'd like to see presented with a different spin. It's also a place to post Recommendations for fics they feel are really, really cool and maybe underappreciated. It's also a place to advertise for communties related to X-Men/Marvel fanfics. The idea is basically to get folks talking and see what it inspires.

Note: Any version of X-Men -- comics, cartoons, movies, etc. are welcome here. And while the name of the place is X-Men, folks can also post looking for fics featuring any Marvel characters based on the fact that the X-Men have crossed paths, as individuals and as a group with so many other members of the Marvel Universe.

### ### ### ### ###


0. IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NO EXCUSE: Breaking the rules and attempting to weasel out of it by saying that you didn't know what they were, so you didn't know you were doing something wrong is an automatic ban. By signing up for this community, you are acknowledging these rules whether you actually read them or not.

1. Be Polite: Yes, part of this community's purpose is to provide people with a place to vent and rant, but it is entirely possible to vent without being rude to other people. There's a difference between "I'm tired of fics about 'X' because of this, this and that" and "Anyone who writes 'X' is a complete douche!" The first is acceptable, the second is a one-way trip to bannination. Violations of this rule will be handled on a three-strike policy. Warning, second warning and then out.

2. Leave Your Ego At The Door: This is a place for people to express opinions; some of them may be opinions you disagree with. You can disagree back, but please refrain from assuming that your opinions are Right and everyone else's opinions are Wrong. Or that anyone disagreeing with you is attacking you personally. It's also a good idea not to assume that posting your pet peeves here will actually make a difference; King Canute couldn't stop the ocean waves from rolling in, you can't stop fans from writing That Thing You Hate -- because That Thing You Hate is probably That Thing They Love. And no, them loving it does not make them stupid or uncreative or less of a fan than you. This rule is under the same three strike policy as rule #1.

3. Trolls Will Be Banned: Ditto spammers. Trolling is in the eye of the community mod. I have zero tolerance for people who think behaving like a complete moron on the internet is funny. Or worse, 'daring'.

Spamming, for the purposes of this community, is posting anything to the community that isn't about X-Men/Marvel-based fanfics -- either as a post or as a comment. It can/will also cover excessive posting of on-topic materials -- say, five or more posts in one day's time, particularly if those posts are similar in nature. If you have something to add to a post you've made, either edit the post (and note that you've edited it) or add a comment.

Trolling the community is an automatic ban. Spamming the community is a three-strikes deal.

4. Anything of an explicit sexual nature needs to be friends-locked to the community. This counts for fic recommendations as well as for discussions. Het, slash, femslash, etc., if it's about two (or more) characters getting it on, please friends-lock it as a courtesy to other readers. Any adult content not locked will recieve a warning as soon as the mod spots it. The poster will then have 24 hours to lock the post. If it's not locked, it will be deleted and dealt with according to the following policy:

First offence (i.e. if you do not lock the post within twenty-four hours), I will save the post and mail it to you so you can repost it in compliance with the rules.

Second offense, I will delete the post without saving it and you can rewrite it if you can remember it.

Third offense, I will ban you from the community. IP tracking is enabled for this community, so if you come back under a different username? You'll be banned again.

For the purposes of this community, explicit is defined as thus: If you wouldn't feel comfortable being caught reading/discussing it in front of your boss, your parents, your kids, your teacher, your entire class, your elderly relatives, your rabbi/priest/imam/minister, your spouse, your friends, your enemies, or whoever is your personal yardstick of squick, then friends-lock it. If you're not sure whether you should lock it or not? Friends-lock it. Better to err on the side of caution than to have a long post deleted. You can also contact me at dunmurderin (at) yahoo.com or dunmurderin (at) gmail.com or via AIM at dunmurderin. Or via PM here at LiveJournal.

If you're not sure how to Friends-lock, you can go here: LJ FAQ Question #24: How do I control who can read my journal entries?

Refusal to comply with this rule is grounds for instant banning. Refusal in this case meaning you flat-out say you won't f-lock an entry the mod feels needs to be f-locked. If you post something and go

5. For the moment, anonymous commenting is allowed, but Captcha is turned on. Should this feature be abused, it will be turned off. Ditto for non-member posting. OpenID users are also more than welcome to comment here as well.

6. Please use LJ-cuts for any post longer than 500-700 words. As a rule of thumb, the introduction to the community plus rules 0-2 is approximately 607 words long. LJ FAQ Question #75: What is an LJ-Cut?

7. Please DO NOT POST FICS to this community. It's splitting hairs, I know, but this is a ranting/recommending community. Please link to any fics you wish to recommend. It is allowed to recommend your own works, particularly if you feel it meets someone's Wants, but do NOT post the fic itself here.

8. When in doubt, ASK: As mentioned earlier, I am available via email at dunmurderin (at) yahoo.com and dunmurderin (at) gmail.com, as well as dunmurderin on AIM and via PM through LiveJournal. If there's something that you're not sure about, feel free to ask for clarification.

9. Moderator reserves the right to amend, alter, add to or otherwise change the rules as necessary. Members will be notified of changes to the rules by posts made to the community. Changes will also be posted to the user profile.


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