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Fic Recs

Hello to the new members! I found an archive site called Comicfic.Net and found a few that I thought I would rec.

Giving It Away by Redhawk. A Sabretooth fic set after the events in Wolverine 125-127. Finally Victor Creed's attempts to make amends with the person who helped him all those years ago.

With Any Weapon by Poi Lass. This was written for a challenge about "Extraordinary People, Ordinary Situations" and features Bobby Drake getting revenge on anti-mutant SOB Graydon Creed in a very novel and downright ordinary way.

The Chosen People by Dyce. An Age of Apocalypse story about, well, Apocalypse himself. It's set before the AoA starts up and centers around Apocalypse recieving a messager from his homeland.

A Man, A Woman, and a Tooth by Dyce. Wolverine has to get a tooth pulled. I like this one because it's a) funny and b) a silly situation handled well.

Wolverine's Rant by Dark Mark. Which isn't so much a fic as it is a take on the "Joe's Rant" Molson's beer commercial with Wolverine.

Stellar by Janete. Alpha Flight has an impromptu party; features Wild Child/Northstar slash. Rated Mature by the site/author. Found on the Wonderful World Of Makebelieve Site; this is one I'd read a while back and I like the way the author handles the interactions between the characters and the fact that Wild Child is in it as a viewpoint character.


Some Fic Recs

Fic Recs:

There's no particular theme to this, these are just some X-Men/Marvel fanfics that I like:

Obligation by sionnain. An AoA fic (natch) Apocalypse’s rule has brought order, law. That’s really what matters, isn’t it?. Features Scott Summers and Jean Grey.

Everything Breaks by penknife. A Sabretooth origin fic, set in the Movieverse, but written prior to X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

A Gnarled Tree Keeps Growing by xenokattz. Logan congratulates Scott on his brand-new offspring. It's a boy! A full-grown, cigarette-smoking, cayenne-addicted, shaggy-haired Cajun boy. I don't know how canonical this is, but the story cracks me up every time. Like, helpless giggling.

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Some stuff I'd like to see

Hello, your friendly mod here, starting things off:

In no particular order, some stuff I'd like to see, fic-wise:

1. Age of Apocalypse Fics: AoA is my favorite Marvel storyline and I'd love to see more fics that explore Earth-295, because there are a lot of characters who got walk-ons at best who deserve a bit more. Not to mention some of the plot-holes that deserve a nod (somebody PLEASE explain to me how Magneto and the X-Men stay so damn RIPPED!?).

Oh and if people could write Sabretooth and Wild Child having cuddly sex yeah, that'd be great too...*cough* not that I'm biased...

2. Exiles Fics: If EVER there was an excuse to write AU fics, it is Exiles. Either fics centering around the team trying to fix a world or fics set in the worlds the team comes from (I'd love more Exiles!Heather Hudson fics, because Exiles!Heather Hudson rocks my world). And the world would be a better place with more Morph fic in it, though admittedly he's a tough character to write since he's a) funny and comedy is hard and b) extremely visual.

'Course, I am totally biased in favor of Exiles fics because Sabretooth and Blink of the AoA make appearances there and I am the world's largest AoA fangirl, but even with those characters to the side, Exiles is one of my favorite Marvel comics because of how well it balanced weird new worlds and the characters trying to repair them.

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Places to Find Fic

A listing of various places on the web to find X-Men/Marvel fanfics. This is a work in progress, so if you know of a listing that should be here but isn't, drop us a post with the information:

LiveJournal Comms:
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Anon Kink MemesCollapse )

CrossoversCollapse )

Character/Team/Setting/Pairing Specific:Collapse )

InsaneJournal Comms:

GeneralCollapse )

Dreamwidth.Org Comms:

General:Collapse )

Character/Pairing Specific Comms:Collapse )

Other Archives:

Fanfiction.NetCollapse )

X-Men Movieverse Fanfiction Archive
An Archive of Our Own
Wonderful World of Makebelieve -- general fanfiction archive.
Porn Battle -- a multi-fandom biyearly ficfest.
Comicfic.Net -- a collection of comic fic archives.

Character/Pairing Specific:
Wolverine and Rogue Fanfiction Archive
Storm Archive -- fanfics about Ororo Munroe, aka Storm.

Introductory post


Over in Transformer Fanficland, I created a community a couple years back called Transformers Fanfic I Want To See, or tfiwts for short. The idea behind the community was for it to be a place for people to be able to do one or more of the following:

1. Talk about fic ideas that aren't being done that they'd like to see being done.
2. Talk about fic ideas that are being done that they'd like to see put on a bus or taken to a nice farm in the country.
3. Ask for recommendations for certain pairings, characters or scenarios.
4. Ask if anybody remembers that one fic? You know, the one that had that guy in it? And he did the stuff? With that thing?

tfiwts has turned out to be fairly popular and useful so I'd like to do something similar for X-Men fandom. Toward that end, I bring you X-Men Fanfic I Want To See or xfiwts -- where the "I" in question is whoever is posting their ideas, wants, desires, etc.

The idea behind this community is that people can post Wants -- things they'd like to see more of in X-Men fanfics. These can be anything from plots or concepts or characters. People can also post Do Not Wants -- things they are tired of seeing or that they'd like to see presented with a different spin. It's also a place to post Recommendations for fics they feel are really, really cool and maybe underappreciated. It's also a place to advertise for communties related to X-Men/Marvel fanfics. The idea is basically to get folks talking and see what it inspires.

Note: Any version of X-Men -- comics, cartoons, movies, etc. are welcome here. And while the name of the place is X-Men, folks can also post looking for fics featuring any Marvel characters based on the fact that the X-Men have crossed paths, as individuals and as a group with so many other members of the Marvel Universe.

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