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The Iceman Cometh

*posted here 'cause this got LONG*

I was looking to see if I could find Bobby/Peter (i.e. Iceman/Spiderman) fics for ficwize and...I couldn't. Not any (yet, I'm still looking). I've found a lot of Bobby/Damn-Near-Everybody-Else -- but no Iceman/Spiderman. Which is weird considering that both characters seem to be the Little Black Dress of their respective circles (you can find Spider-Man with a variety of characters). Though I did find some comms that have Iceman fics: such as andthexmen, a Wolverine and the X-Men comm. There's also dry_ice, an Iceman/Pyro community and icemanroguepyro, an Iceman/Rogue/Pyro comm and speedsicle, an Iceman/Northstar comm.

As for Spiderman, I found these comms: give_spidey_lov, spiderman_slash, spidey_fanfic, spidey_fic, spideycmixslash, and spideyslash -- though I'm betting there are others. I didn't see any Iceman/Spiderman fics, but I also didn't check every single entry so *fingers crossed!*

I'm gonna keep looking, because in a world where I can find Wolverine/Morph, Morph/Iceman and Nightcrawler/Northstar (this last is a Geocities link, and as such may disappear since Yahoo! is closing Geocities down), somebody HAS to be slashing Iceman and Spiderman! C'mon! There has to be Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends slash!

Note: There are probably spoilers for various X-Continuities throughout the following links -- and I am still new enough to X-Men that I can't necessarily recognize them all from summaries. Read at own risk.

I did find some Bobby & Hank fics:

The Cure by alestar. When Bobby Drake must take care of his father after he is brutally attacked, he comes to grips with the nature of hate.

Dialogue by Poi Lass. Bobby shares some important words with Hank as he comes to terms with his role in their special friendship.

Feathers by Tangerine. A response to the 'Fear This' challenge, this story is a day in the life of Warren Worthington III aka Angel as he cruises the countryside with two of his best friends, Hank McCoy and Bobby Drake.

First, Do No Harmby Poi Lass</a> An email conversation as Bobby tries to talk sense into Hank.

Here's the links I found for a Bobby/Logan search over at uc_xmen. As I told the person there, I don't know if these are what you're looking for but here's hoping they fit the bill in some respect.

Room For One More by Hestia82 Logan and Bobby are together in a long term relationship, and have children! Nine children to be exact… This is a fluffy Bobby Logan Slash story. Warning: mpreg

Drowning in the Nothing by RagnarokSkurai. [BobbyxLogan] PostX2. Bobby's cold in a way he's never been before.

Like A Moth To A Flame by Creed Cascade and TJ. NC-17: Bobby breaks up with Marie and has a new obsession

Vengeance Creed by Creed Cascade and TJ. Summary: Someone takes vengeance on Bobby NC-17 Warning: Non-Con

Eavesdropping by Phoenix. It can be very dangerous to listen in at people's windows Features Remy, Bobby Drake and Logan and a lot of innuendo.

A Slice of Life -- 4 Logan "What If?" Snippets by Scorpio. A day in the life of Logan. Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Night. Four times of the day, four various realities... and four different lovers. Logan/Remy, Logan/Remy, Logan/Sidney, Logan/Hank.

The Marital Aid by Scorpio. In every marriage, there comes a time when something extra is needed to "spice" things up a bit. Logan/Remy/Bobby Pairing: Bobby/Logan; Remy/Bobby later Remy/Bobby/Logan

Bring Me Back To Life by Xantissa. Rating: NC-17 Warnings: Mentioning of abuse, m/m sex, bad language, violence.

Notes: After the Trial Remy escaped Antarctica but didn't go back to the Mansion. He started working for government. Meanwhile at the Mansion things changed. There started something between Bobby and Logan. Not a relationship yet, but very close. About 6 months after the Trial X-men fought a new enemy, a very powerful telepath The Keeper. The X-men thought they destroyed him, but he survived and extracted his revenge on them. He kidnapped Bobby and made the X-men believe the Iceman was dead. The action starts about four months after that.

What Friends Are For by Xantissa. Logan has a plan how to help certain depressed teammate. Oh boy! Logan/Remy/Bobby

Other Miscellaneous Links:

JeanPaul and Bobby a Northstar/Iceman comm over at Fanfiction.Net. 25 fics.

The Iceman a Bobby Drake comm at FF.Net. 159 fics.

Gambit and Iceman fiction @ FF.Net 11 fics.

Likewise there are many, many more Bobby fics here: X-men Fiction at Comicfic.Net.

Also, there's the Wonderful World of Makebelieve, which allows you to search by categories and then by characters. Here's their listings for Bobby Drake

un(frozen) -- an Iceman-centric archive.


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Jul. 13th, 2009 02:31 pm (UTC)
This list is so much love. ♥
Aug. 4th, 2010 08:24 am (UTC)
Thank youu!!
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